Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 7

Derp.  Late because I'm an idiot :P.

Episode 7: That, That's Chaos Theory

We make our eventual return!  Omerod gets his red lightning on, upgrades some ninja weaponry, and becomes a workaholic as manager of a hot springs resort.  Pally gets wrathful at his Stranger situation, defends towers like it's Monday night, and joins the ranks of other restless tree-punching architects.  Stryx pushes the doubt button on a detective's likeability, paints the town red (and orange and purple and green), and dusts off the old night vision goggles.

Be back on Friday with a new episode.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Episode 6

Today's a special episode, our first E3 Rant Episode!

Episode 6: Remember, Remember the 9th of September

Today, We talk about the upcoming E3, what we're antsy about, and even reminisce a little.

As always, contact us at our email, find Omerod (Omerod Verres) and Palhinuk (Palworth Nuck) on Facebook, or all three of us on our Twitters @Palhinuk, @TimeLoopMenace, and @Stryxism.

Also a reminder, we're taking next week off due to convention stuff, so we'll see you in two weeks!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Episode 5

Still getting a hang of the update schedule, here's this weeks episode.

Episode 5: Rainbow Boars!

In this episode, Omerod goes into 'knight' territory, both old and dark.  Pally delves into the latest fedora-wearin', wife-beatin' epic.  Stryx gives us a final verdict on Red Dead.  This episode costs 400 omni-gel to download.

As always, contact us at our email, find Omerod (Omerod Verres) and Palhinuk (Palworth Nuck) on Facebook, or all three of us on our Twitters @Palhinuk, @TimeLoopMenace, and @Stryxism

Friday, May 20, 2011

Episode 4

Here starts our Friday updating schedule.  Expect more awesomeness from us every week!  This week:

Episode 4: Get Over Here, Bobby!

Omerod returns to PSN, ripping out hearts and running over bikers.  Pally puts up with Borderlands DLC and sizes up Modern Warfare 2 next to some other shooters.  Stryx takes in the wild west and reminds us how far Rockstar has come.  Also, we confront game reviewers' score systems.  This shit is tits!

As always, contact us at our email, find Omerod (Omerod Verres) and Palhinuk (Palworth Nuck) on Facebook, or all three of us on our Twitters @Palhinuk, @TimeLoopMenace, and @Stryxism

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 3

Yet another episode of awesomeness for you guys!

Episode 3: Where's My Stuff?

In today's episode: Omerod plays deadly baseball for money, races through earthquakes, gets ganked on a mission, and fights through Black Mesa.  Palhinuk mines and crafts, and shares his Blaz blues.  Stryx wants out with the new Mario and in with the old, and also throws his throwing knives in the trash.

Also an important announcement.  Starting this week, we will be doing weekly episodes every Friday night!  So this Friday we'll have a new episode up for you peeps!

And to anyone who thought I would quote Rebecca Black, no.  You have shamed yourself for even thinking that.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Pretend that this little Double-Update is because we love you and not becuase I've been so busy with work and classes that I haven't been able to update the blog...

First off: Episode 1 of Over-Encumbered!
In this episode: Terrible future accents!  Time lords!  Guilty Gear: Overly-Complex Title!  And a pocket diminsion that exists solely in Omerod's living room!

And then: Episode 2: Mortal Border Portal!
In this episode: PSN crisis!  Thinking with Portals!  Fatalaties!  And Spidey Senses across time and space!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A podcast by any other name...

So guess what guys?  Turns out there's already a website called  That has three guys.  That talk about video games they've played....  Yeah...

So the new-new name is now set.  Welcome to the Over-Encumbered Podcast!  Hopefully it'll stick this time!